"Fortified Front Oder-Warthe-Bogen, built in 1934–38 near Międzyrzecz, was the most technologically advanced fortification system of Nazi Germany and remains one of the largest systems of this type in the world today.
"Masuria is a natural region in northeastern Poland famous for its 2,000 lakes.
"The Milicz Ponds are a group of about 285 fish ponds in Lower Silesian Voivodeship.
"There is pyramid with a height of 15.9 metres (52 ft) near Polish village named Rapa.
"In June 1694 near the Hodów village 400 Polish Winged Husars fought back 40.000 Tatars troops.
"Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, a Polish poet, was killed by a German sniper in 1944 in the Warsaw Old Town area.
"There is disc-shaped (like a UFO) observatory and restaurant on the Polish side of Śnieżka mountain
"In Poland live 1/4 part of the world's population of the European bison (Polish: Żubr), the heaviest surviving wild land animal in Europe.
"The Białowieża Forest is home to 800 European bisons (Polish: Żubr), the continent's heaviest land animals.
"Wolf's Lair (Polish: Wilczy Szaniec, German: Wolfsschanze), top secret Adolf Hitler's first Eastern Front military headquarters was site in the Masurian woods.
"The Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń, funded by pilgrims donations, is Poland's largest church and one of the largest churches in the world.
"The Wawel Dragon (Polish: Smok Wawelski) is a famous dragon in Polish folklore. His lair was in a cave at the foot of Wawel Hill.
"The Battle of Grunwald was one of the largest battles in Medieval Europe. Polish army defeated Teutonic Order Knights, guest crusaders, and mercenaries from western Europe.
"The oldest known recorded Polish sentence is" Day, ut ia pobrusa, a ti poziwai" ("Let me, I shall grind, and you take a rest") dates from XIII century.
"Hańcza Lake is the deepest lake in Poland with maximum depth of 108.5 m.
"Śniardwy Lake is the largest lake in Poland with an area of 113.8 square kilometres. There are eight islands on the Śniardwy lake.
"Krutynia River in Masurian Lake District is one of the most beautiful water route (for kayaking) in Europe.
"The north-western peak of Rysy is the highest point of Poland (2,499 m).
"Depressions (points below sea level) account for 28% of the overall area of the Żuławy Wiślane.
"Krzyżtopór, castle located in the village of Ujazd, is the biggest ruins in Poland (destroyed during the Swedish invasion in 1655).
"Jehuda Löw ben Becalel legendary creator of The Golem of Prague, was borned in Poznań (Greater Poland).
"Viaducts at Stańczyki, roughly 200 metres long and 36 metres high, are among the largest such constructions in Poland.
"Fortified Front Oder-Warthe-Bogen, built in 1934–38 near Międzyrzecz, was the most technologically advanced fortification system of Nazi Germany and remains one of the largest systems of this type in the world today.
"Świnoujście city is located on 44 islands, wchich te largest is Usedom and Wolin islands.
"Wrocław city, with 100 bridges over the Oder river, is known as "Venice of the North".
"Jaskinia Raj in Poland is a open to visitors horizontal limestone cave with a length of 240 m and vertical range of 9.5 m.
"The oldest tree in Poland is a Cis Henrykowski which grows from 1260 years near Lubań (Lower Silesia).
"The world's longest board in Szymbark is 36,93 m long and 1.100 kg weighs.
"Świnoujście Lighthouse with a height of 212 feet (65 m) is the fifteenth tallest "traditional lighthouse" in the world.
"Poland is a producer of one of the best computer games in the world: The Witcher, Painkiller, Call of Juarez, Dead Island, Two Worlds, Chrome, Gorky 17 and Xpand Rally.
"Teutonic Castle in Malbork is the largest castle in the world by surface area, and the largest brick building in Europe.
"Kazimierz Siemonowicz, Polish general of artillery, was designed multistage rockets, batteries of rockets, and rockets with delta wing stabilizers in XVII century!
"The oldest restaurant in Europe is Piwnica Świdnicka in Wrocław. The first mention of it dates from 1303.
"Łebska Whitefish is endemic and lives only in Lake Łebsko (Pomerania).
"Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains) are one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe.
"Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka is a highest extinct volcano in Poland (501 meters above sea level).
"The largest meteorite found in Poland is Morasko meteorite (weighs 164 kg). Found in 2008, lying in the ground 5-6 thousands years is worth 100.000 dollars.
"Błędów Desert is an area of 32 sq km of sands and this is the largest (in Central Europe) accumulation of loose sand away from any sea.
"Bolesław I Chrobry was the first King of Poland from 18 April 1025 until his death.
"Mieszko I (930 – 25 May 992) was the first historical ruler of Poland.
"Wielka Siklawa (64-70 meters in height) in Tatra Mountain is the highest waterfall in Poland.
"Longest fish caught in Poland is catfish with 245 cm in length and 102 kg weight.
"The longest river in Poland is Vistula with 1047 km in length.
"Highest known temperature in Poland is 40 degrees Celsius (in 1921 in Prószków near Opole).
"Lowest known temperature in Poland is -41 degrees Celsius (in 1940 in Siedlce).
"Kalisz is the oldest city of Poland, mentioned by Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD.

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